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i had a problem with API integration feature i couldn’t get any data from API

Can you share a bit more – what API were you trying to integrate? Also, please make a new thread instead of replying here so things stay grouped and are more discoverable. :slight_smile:

:wave:muito Boa gostei muito:wave:

how we can create a lost password, please ?

Hi @maxime, there’s a “Forgot your password?” link at AppGyver Dashboard :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me with my question regarding sorting objects in repeat function, retrieved from my firebase backend?

Need help sorting Objects from firebase rest api!

How do i change the animation of the opening page in a custum navigation menu?

I too have issues with the API data connector. Getting a json error- same call structured the same way works on other platforms. Also works in Postman.

Help, I was learning how to update a checkbox
I used
{ “fields”: { “tash”: { “stringValue”: repeated.current.fields.tash.stringValue }, “done”: { “booleanValue”: outputs[“Receive event”].eventValue } }}
but it gave back an error as ‘object property “field” is not jsom serializable’
and I can’t update the checkbox. Please help

Nice to be a part of the community. :raised_hands: