What actually works right now?

Serious question.

Speaking only for myself here…

Things that do work:

  1. Preview-Legend (old runtime)
  2. Debugger-Legend (old runtime)

Things that might work:

  1. Debugger (new runtime). Can’t tell without new Preview working.

Things that fail:

  1. Preview (new runtime)
  2. App build (old runtime). Technically my build is still listed as “queued,” but it’s been over an hour and the app I tried to build subsequently has made it to the top of the queue (see below), so I think it’s “queued indefinitely” at this point. Also it’s not explicit but the implication here seems to be that the old runtime is no longer functional for web apps.
  3. App build (new runtime). “Unknown error, contact support for more details.”

tl;dr: Is AppGyver dead? Or just for web apps? Or just for me?

Follow-up: How long will it be dead?


I promised a client I’d make some customizations for an event I’m running for them on Saturday using my app. So the app needs changes – and time to test, and no doubt tweak. I’ve been patiently working on those changes over the past week using Preview-Legend with the hope that the new runtime would stabilize by the time I’m ready to launch, but now I’ve gone as far as I can go without testing in production. Unfortunately, from what I can tell on my end (and some of the forum posts), essential pieces of AppGyver are still broken.

Given the number of hours I’ve spent on the platform, and how non-transferrable my now-deep knowledge of AppGyver’s workflow/quirks/bugs is, you can probably imagine that I’m feeling pretty disheartened right about now.

Chief Product Officer here. First of all, we hear you and are doing our best to get these issues out of the way. We are definitely not dead (even though holidays mean a bit limited capacity until everyone comes back) and want to get things right.

We had intermittent issues with the app builds – pushed a potential fix in now, but definitely not 100% broken. Please try again to see if it’s better now! Old runtime standalone web builds should still be possible.

Again, I’m deeply sorry you’ve had to face these issues especially with a deadline over your head. We are working as hard as we can to get the new runtime stabilized and ensure the build service works without issues.


Hi Harri,

It looks like the new fix you pushed allows me to build in the old runtime again, which is fantastic/crucial. I’ll follow up via PM about what might be making the new preview/runtime fail, but this will get me through the holidays. Thank you for the reply & fix.