What can i do with appgyver

Can we upload images from phone gallery and edit it and then share it via Bluetooth is this possible to develop with appgyver?

where to you want to upload the image to, also what kind of editing do you mean
As for the Bluetooth, i dont think you can do it from the app, but i guess that would be a functionality of the device

OK here is what i wanna develop.

an app where we can upload the image which can be editable and than share the image with different user who have this particular app, so is it possible to develop by appgyver or we need to write manual code?

oh ok, something like that, i possible, but it all depends on the edit you want to achieve on the photo.
what do you mean by edit, Adding some text? editing colors? Cropping it?

editing as in adding links of individual/company social links only. there would be logo of facebook on the card which clicked would route to facebook account.

ok, adding such icons is possible, the issue would be on how to save the image (but i think its possible)
But the main problem i see, is how would you tap the button on the photo?

you can also take a look here

Thanks, i wanted to validate all the facts before learning appgyver, since I do not know coding and want to build MVP app