What can you do about a 501 error on an API request

Hi guys!

I get a 501 error for the API GET request I made.
I use Sheety (turns sheets into an API).

The weird thing is, I use alerts that show me the output of the GET Record Request and these look fine. But when setting the variables with that output, it totally crashes.

Screenshots below:
501 error

The flow I setup when page mounted
output of the alert clearly shows data is passed through the api

Someone knows what to do?


A couple of things to note:

  1. on web if you interrupt logic with an alert, the logic might not continue afterwards, so in the screenshot you showed it might be that the page variable just won’t get triggered.
  2. if you are experiencing crash(es) on Android, there are improvements coming in 2.4.31 and 2.5.X that will hopefully make the situation better. A short 50ms delay between actions can fix things in the meanwhile.

Does the same get record work from the data tab?