What does it means with "Error: Reducers may not dispatch actions"

I do not understand what is the error. This error may lead the apps to crash in android.

Please help me. Thanks

This error happened on page with graph only. I am using Google chart and chart.js. Both produce this error but, chart.js may lead to crash.

Hi! I don’t understand it either :thinking: What’s the logic that you’re running where this crash happens?

Hi @Mevi . I believe the error comes relates with chart since this error appear on page with Google charts and chart.js.

The error shown in this image, https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/business7/uploads/appgyver2/original/2X/d/d4070ae3bbc075ccdcaeb50a1eea7f00cca72576.png, it stated that errrr type is “function2” and the logic with function2 is advance javascript.

I believe the error comes from advance javascript.

Hi, in that case it’s really difficult for me to say, you should check the Advanced JavaScript node for any errors that could cause this or other issues.