What happened o the debugger? today the debugger button is missing on my project

I remember using it yesterday and was everything was fine.


There were some updates to the Composer yesterday, as well as in runtime to the web preview. And the debugger is currently removed, hopefully, will be back sooner than later.
Read more about it here:

Hi. Please see this note: Notice of removal of debugger + alternative method

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This is genuinely disappointing to have the functionality removed without at least a promise date of when it is going to be back up are we talking hours, days, months or years?. For those of us who have solely developed mobile app this now extremely painful to debug anything.

I have been using appgyver for the last year to build an app and have been able to look past some of the issues as it was a decent platform. However I am finding that this gun ho method method of just pulling functionality, updating and braking components is a common theme.

It seems pretty clear that SAP is forcing Appgyver down a different path with SAP Build Apps and the focus will be put into the corporate space not the standalone builders. I don’t see much of an option at this point but to migrate away into another more stable platform. Especially considering there still does not appear to be any easy integration to create analytical graphs, In-app purchases or react plugins.


can we have a date for the debugger to come back? and the paid version still have it?

Where is the debugger? Its been months.