What happens when Android/IOS updates?

Hi All,

What happens to Appgyver apps when a new version of Android or IOS is launched? Do you have to have a process in place for testing and rolling out updates every time a major OS update is released?



We have ongoing internal QA to catch these kinds of issues and Composer gets updated with new runtimes regularly. This means making sure that your components are up-to-date when developing your app by checking the component marketplace and installing any possible updates.

But as for already built at published apps, there’s nothing AppGyver can do in terms of testing or updating them, it needs to be done by the developer :slight_smile: If you catch any bugs that we have missed, we have the tracker where you can submit them so it reaches our dev team!

Thanks Cecilia. What would be your recommendation for a process to handle this? How often should we be checking for updates to Composer and then testing our apps? Any idea what the more experienced Appgyver users do?

Hmm my personal recommendation would be to check the updates every time you are working on the app and especially before building your app. And of course keep testing your app in the preview apps to make sure everything’s working as it should.

After you have built your app, you should still test the built version as its behavior might differ from the preview app experience. If it does differ, then it’s a bug on our part and should be reported through the tracker. Apple Store and Google Play store have their own processes to set up different kinds of testing opportunities before publishing your app, here’s some info about them: