What IOS Distribution Cert is the Appgyver Build Service Asking for?

On the ios developer console, after you upload a Cetificate Signing Request, they give you an ios_distribution.cer to download. Is this the file the appgyver build service is asking for on the first page of the ios build service? The reason I am asking is that they never made me create a password for it, but appgyver is asking for a password. Now, I know that when you generate a p12 file with the public and private key, a password is created. So, is that what should be uploaded to appgyver config – the p12 file? or the ios_distribution.cer downloaded from Apple?

I believe you upload the p12 file that has the password. I can double check on my app real quick though.

EDIT: Yeah, should be that p12 file.

The docs actually cover this pretty well.

I did the same as you and assumed they would be lacking. Then went back and read them and found them surprisingly helpful lol

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yea i found that. thank you. i had seen the other article before i found this one.