What is Supersonic and how can I use it?

I was looking into the internal JavaScript code of the Action Sheet logic flow to see if I can extend it in order to customise the look of the component (e.g. to add icons and format colours) and I noticed this constant in the code called Supersonic.

It seems this Supersonic variable was passed to the component as an input. However it is very strange because the input appears broken and showing the info tip `legacy logic flow message property. Looking at the code though it is very much the thing which creates the action sheet in the page.

const index = await supersonic.api.actionSheet.show({
    options: labels,
    cancelIndex: 0,

I haven’t been able to find any documentation whatsoever on this Supersonic library and it seems it is being used elsewhere across other logic functions. Does anybody know what it is and where can I find more information related to my original problem?

Supersonic was the name of the old framework that Appgyver first created for its mobile app builder, to allow users to build hybrid mobile apps, that we are using now as :“Composer Pro”.

It seems it is still being used. I would really like to customise the Action Sheet logic flow to render a different component, but Appgyver doesn’t seem to have any documentation on its API, so I cannot really do anything because I wouldn’t know how to use it! Any help?

Yes you will need to get one of their developers to assist you with this. I would love to customize that action sheet too.

Okay I see. So anyone from the AppGyver would like to comment? :grin:

Hi! Please don’t try to modify any supersonic stuff, it’s not meant for that (and even if you add/change things that supersonic sends to the native side, anything the native side doesn’t support yet wouldn’t work anyway) :sweat_smile: Customizing action sheet would have to come via third party plugins.

Is there a way to position the action sheet window near the icon from where its triggeredf?

Not at the moment I’m afraid.