What is the future of AppGyver Comunidade?

I’m afraid, many people are giving up, I’ve already tried to access SAP App Build, the process is very complex, the feeling I have is that SAP will end everything very soon, it’s a shame, even have interest and buy the tool, but the level of complexity is very high, very sad with the current situation.

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We need a process to move apps across to the new platform.

Is it more complicated than Appgyver?

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Companies like SAP typically provide support, documentation, and resources to assist users in navigating their software. If you’re finding the process overwhelming, consider reaching out to their support channels, exploring their documentation, or seeking online communities where others might share tips and experiences.

I think its safe to assume Sarah works for SAP marketing lol

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This may help

Her join date checks out. :smiley:

Moved our big social media project over to Noodl from AG. Took about a month to rebuild all of the UI and high-level logic. Couple that with:

  • (free) Competent AI-generated JS code for implementing more advanced logic or write your own into a JS function node and easily implement. Anything formulas can do here, the AI can build in JS in seconds. Or connect your GPT-4 key for, supposedly, access to an even better AI that can create UI elements for you on the fly. In short, imagine if AG could write complex formula code just by giving it a description of what you want it to do.

  • A good bundle of third-party logic prefabs and the flexibility to implement your own approaches. For starters, out-of-the-box Xano connectors, and Mapbox, among other integrations.

  • Actual CSS access and modification through code (blurred backgrounds for custom popups/modals! :smiley:).

  • Relative, Absolute, Fixed, and Sticky positioning for components!

  • OnHover support for button, icons, and containers.

  • Custom dynamic URL titling (i.e. domain.com/account/{username}).

  • A vibrant Discord community as busy as this forum was in 2021.

  • Locally-hosted projects (meaning a file on your computer and seeing real-time changes to your project in the preview you can open in the browser). Also a default preview in the software, of course.

  • Direct video component (build your own media player!).

  • More versatile Markdown support. Embed YT videos, images, text, whatever.

  • A real-time, stable, and very responsive editor with minimal lag. Maybe three crashes in the last month. (To be fair, I’m building on a gaming computer with all the bells and whistles so your mileage may vary on more casual hardware.)

  • Expanded SEO support coming soon.

I have no disclosures. I don’t work for Noodl, nor am I a shareholder or receive any referral perks. Just been using it since April and am convinced this should’ve been AG from the start. Noodl even provides optional data hosting or you can build your app at no initial cost and then sign up for a month of their advanced plan ($70-ish) to export the code for self-hosting.

They’re also going open-source in the next year, which likely means a forked, split-off version supported by the community which could be entirely free. Think Blender, GIMP, Krita, and other great, reliable open source software.

It does feel like SAP really shut this place down with the possible reason of making AG so undesirable to use that people abandon ship. The people that want to stay in the ecosystem will probably head to Build Apps. The rest will leave for other pastures. Leaves an opening for SAP to shut down a resource drain that doesn’t generate any value for them – from a purely cold, corporate perspective.

I love Appgyver. She got me started on our huge project back when I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But it’s fair to say that all relationships come to a close eventually and, well, our girl here just couldn’t quite keep it going across the finish line with some of the hard limitations we’ve hit.

I guess, Noodl is it for us until further notice.

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Thanks, great update on the state of play. Its such a shame that SAP are closing AG down through a lack of love. When they do turn out the lioghts there won´t be anyone left here to notice.

I´d happily move to buiild apps and pay, but as far as I can see, the start price is 12k per annum!!! Thats fine for corporate but certainly not for SMB.

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What are the noodl costs like for producing apps to publish on playstore and app store?

I’m thinking SAP’s purchase of AG was predicated on leaving the free version there for us – at least for a certain amount of time. But, as you’ve more or less said, if no one’s here anymore, no point leaving the lights on. Truly sad, as I would miss this place to a degree. It got me started on a lot of things.

If you’re interested, take a look at Noodl’s base pricing here: Noodl Plans - Build for free. Scale to success.
It is absolutely free like Appgyver for building. The cost comes when either hosting with them or paying for the plan to export your code.

Also, it is primarily made for building web apps, but there is some discussion in the Discord about using Cordova or Capacitor for generating native apps from Noodl code. No idea about pricing for those platforms. Your mileage may vary.

Thanks. I probably won´t follow you to noodle then, as its really the mobile apps that I need. But AG has certainly shown me what I need and got me started. Its just a shame that its not lasted longer. Who knows, we may squeeze a couple more years out of it.

I will make sure to fully document my app now though so I can do a rebuild as and when necessary :slight_smile:

So they [Noodl] are on pair with SAP Build Apps Free Tier → free for building but paid if you want to export/deploy your code.

As you seem to understand the SAP build apps, am I missing something? It seems that if I want to do a couple of updates to my app each year then I immediately break the 2 builds only rule and the next pricing tier is 12k per annum?

@Piotr_Tesny I’m not familiar with BA’s pricing structure as of this year, but yes, for the most part, it would appear you would need to pay at least $76 USD for a 1-month run of Noodl’s plan that would allow you to export your code. I don’t believe that means you’re stuck paying that indefinitely as you can let it lapse back to free and pay for another month when you need to export updated files for your web app.

Also, while using their hosting (including a backend) options does have a cost after a 30-day hosting trial, if you have an alternative backend (Xano?), you can connect your REST APIs and test directly in the Noodl editor on the free (Noodl) plan. Long story short, you could build 100% of your web app and pay for one month once to export your final code.

@Phil_Evans Fair enough! To be fair, we’re building a web app exclusively, of which AG falls rather short currently in that department. That said, AG’s mobile support does seem usually considerably better so, for a native app, it may still be the go-to. Also depends on exactly what you need. I have no idea what options exist for mounting adverts in a native app on AG, if any, but, unless that could be done through an iFrame for a web app, AG then would not be the best option for monetizing in either case for us.

In closing, I don’t want there to be any confusion. You absolutely CAN build mobile interfaces in Noodl. But there’s no direct Noodl-side method to convert to a mobile app. So there you would use Cordova or Capacitor, etc, to compile the final build code into mobile-friendly React code that can be a fully native app.

I’ll throw a quick example for our web app. Below is our editor view of the mobile interface for our web app’s profile page (triggers if viewport width is less than 748px, I believe). It’s about 98% identical to our mobile browser UI in AG:

And here’s the same page for a desktop view in all its (intentional) totally-2013 retro style:

May or may not be what you’re looking for. Ultimately, if the concept for our platform proves popular for desktop and mobile browser users, we may very well build a separate mobile interface in Noodl with the intention to convert it exclusively to a mobile app with Cordova, etc. Especially, to get access to Noodl’s arguably better components such as Markdown with the ability to tag user profiles (see second test post in the desktop screenshot).

All the same, all the best! :slight_smile:


Man, I sound like a Noodl spokesman (or shill). I’m not, I swear! :joy:

Thanks, nicely summarised.

I really like the fact that I can create the APK, AAB android file and the IOS file with a single click, so that will be my baseline requirement.

If AG stays current then I won´t move, but even now there are things its not doing well. There are quite a few of the resource type statements where the AG builder doesn´t set them right, but I can live with this. For example - I have no advertising in my app, but the AG builder doesn´t set the required flag to say this, so I have to tell playstore that I do have advertising, to match whats hard coded inside the app.

I suspect the breakpoint comes at some poiint in the future when AG is not kept up to date enough to publish a new app release.

But its definitely time for me to do a thorough documentation of my app, so a rebuild isnt too painful. So many moments of “why did I do that?” … only to realise several steps later.

But a rebuild isn´t all bad, I know more now than I did back then and I would do some things a little better.


But a rebuild isn´t all bad, I know more now than I did back then and I would do some things a little better.

Heh, agreed. We made up for a lot of early design mistakes with AG that would’ve more work than it was worth to fix. That is the advantage of building on a fresh slate with your previous experience, I reckon.

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