What is the most elegant way to close a modal window?

Hello everyone,

what would be the most elegant way to close a modal window?
Do I do this with Navigation: “Navigate back” or is there something like Navigation: “Dissmiss initial View” with no initial?

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Navigate back is the way it’s done :slight_smile:

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Hi Mevi,

Thank you


The ‘pdf preview’ flow functions displays a PDF in a modal window. But in iOS, there is no button to “navigate back”!

Very disturbing, because I don’t know a reliable way to return to the running app!

Or is there a way to add a “navigate back” somehow?

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Hi! This is a known issue we will tackle in an update to the PDF preview flow function. There are several of these “opens into another page” on iOS that don’t have a clear back button, only way to get back is to do iOS’ native back swipe, that is, swiping from the very left side of the page towards the center.

Hi @Mevi,

the ‘swipe back’ as provisional solution for iOS is not satisfying. In most attempts, the swipe doesn’t trigger a ‘go back’. During the app development I did it already several hundred times, and in general it works only 1 out of 10 attemps.
In contrast swiping back between pages works perfectly fine.

Below is a video of a successful ‘go back swipe’ from a PDF preview. As you can see, that time it took 4 attemps until the ‘go back’ is triggered.

It is a terrible experience for an user. :exploding_head:

Especially as the user doesn’t know, that the swipe back might work after the 10th attempt. Instead the user might become frustrated and deletes the app :tired_face:

Hi @Mevi,
to demonstrate the level of UX frustration a bit more clearly, I compressed a 30 sec video about the usual fight to ‘go back’ from the ‘preview PDF’ on iOS: