What is your favorite database backend for appgyver?

The main 3 I’m looking at now are Xano, Backendless & Firebase.

I use Xano and I love it, customer service is the best part. They usually get back to you the same day or the next business day. They also have Office Hours(via zoom) which is where they can help you if you get stuck or if you have lots of questions. Very personal experience. The functionality is also amazing I’ve yet to have something I can’t do using xano, I even got stripe working in my app using their extension. If you do decide to sign up for Xano please use my referral link Xano

Edit: it is truly no code, I have 0 coding experience and using it is easy for me. Also you can check out some of their videos on YouTube


I settled on backendless it is functional and can be used for free with a minimum of serious restrictions, unlike Xano.
Firebase is probably better because the data is completely under your control, but working with information there is more complicated. So for now, my choice is backendless.

I like the firebase pay as you go pricing. Xano does seem like the easiest, but they also charge the most.

Xano also has a useable free plan if you haven’t seen it as yet. Downside is if you’re planning on using images, they’ll have a Xano logo watermarked in the corner. This gets removed on the paid plans. Xano Plans - Pricing - Fastest No Code Backend Dev Platform

I wrote my own node.JS backend server to my MSSQL database.

What are the benefits of that?

  1. I do consulting/programming. One thing I do is help companies with web solutions (and or mobile) - and enable them to get their data onto the web from systems where the vendor doesn’t yet have a good web solution. Or maybe they went out of business. Or they have a legacy database they just need access to from the web (like Customer Order History).
  2. In my current project, I have data thats in MSSQL (aka SQL Server). That is neither XANO, Firebase, etc etc. Until recently, you couldn’t even import data into some of those back end systems. So you can’t export and load your data into those back ends.
  3. How you gonna put a web front end on data thats in MSSQL? Some may be production “live” databases, so export/import into one of these back ends isn’t even feasible. Need to hit live data.
  4. node.js is the middleware/endpoint (like Xano) for me to call and it hits the database and returns JSON - again, just like Xano, et. al. I run a node server on the same box as my SQL Server and point to those endpoints instead of Xano.
  5. I have total access to my database (which these others don’t give you), can run all the scheduled jobs I want, and don’t have to pay fees. These back end services are a convenience for a) non-coders, b) where you don’t have existing data, or c) as a “starter” system to make it easy for you to do a MVP/testing.

I use a MySQL server with self-programmed rest api’s in PHP.
Works perfectly, just takes a while to figure out how to program the api’s.

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I was getting started to learn how to code, but I’m gonna see how far I can push no code 1st. And it’s difficult to decide which coding language to start with & I would need to learn swift for IOS, java for android & 1 for web along with HTML, CSS & JS for the front end & have to build 1 app 3 times for IOS, android & web, which would take long. Xano looks the easiest, but I know that ease of use comes with a higher cost, so I’m undecided on which database to choose.

I was in the progress of learning how to code, but I’m in a rush to get my MVP complete.

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I would prefer paying for Xano and not waste tremendous amount of time trying to learn how to code + learning how to code can be extremely frustrating :grinning:

Learning to code & coding apps does take longer, but it’s also more rewarding. I will for sure learn & master multiple coding languages, but right now I just want to hurry & get my MVP complete.

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the other thing with that is one can’t do pdf or other things like that without paying, so I can’t even test.

no matter the backend you use you can create pdfs using some special api.
like this

and you can see how to connect it here

or here with Http request

I wasnt trying to create them, just display them.

no matter the backend you use you can create pdfs using some special api.
like this


EasyPDF - HTML to PDF API Documentation (pdfgenerator) | RapidAPI

Easiest way to generate PDFs.You can use our API with plain html or urls.

and you can see how to connect it here


or here with Http request


oh, ok then you can use other back ends except from xano like firebase.
you ca store the pdfs in firebase storage

You don’t need to learn Swift, Java or other to develope for all platforms. Just learning React Native or VueJS with Quasar is enough for all.