What language is AppGyver written in?

Hi, i’m new, sorry for this strange question, i’m not a developer pro, i’m studying to become it.




Well AppGvyer itself is written in many languages, I believe it’s mostly Ruby in the backend and Javascript for the Composer interface. The apps produced are React Native apps, which is a framework for Javascript

Thanks Cecilia.

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I’m graduate in Sociology and I’m a Computer Scientist and have a passion for ICT in particular in communication skills, I’m not a professional developer also if I study coding in my free time.

Sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian native language.

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day Cecilia.

Luca Tartufari

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That is indeed the direction we’re aiming to take Composer: a platform for every age and every skillset :slight_smile: If you’re interested in a role in the company, please check out our careers page and the contact information in it