When button press > check text and go to another window?

When the user taps the button I’d like to check the text inputted (also set as a page var), against an app var and if true, allow the user to continue.

I just can’t figure out how to input the value from the text box (or the matching page var), to the app var.

There is the if statement, but no input?
There is Set App/Page Variable but no GET?

All I want to do is compare what the user has input, to an existing variable and continue to the next screen. How is that so complicated, but yet I have set up a REST API and seeing the values within a few minutes of trial and error? :confused:

As an update, I have figured out how to use the two ‘outputs’ where the top one is queried (Confused by the IF logic flow - #4 by JOHN_WORSHAM)

However, I want to compare what is typed by the user to a data variable, and if true, open the next window. How can I achieve this?

Thank you.

So assuming you have a Page variable bound to your Input box, I’ll call mine here PAGE_UserInput, you just do an IF node like this:

And for the Condition of the IF node just do a formula like this:

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That’s interesting, I actually found that

NOT(IS_SAME(appVars.typed_passcode_appv, data.app_options1))

Worked as well!
Though the == way seems to make much more sense, I can’t believe I didn’t try that as I knew == / != existed, I’ve been using spreadsheets all day and forgot to go into code mode :sweat_smile:

It seems I also had the true/false outputs mixed which is why the above NOT gate worked… :roll_eyes: