When does data get retrieved from Firestore using REST API

Hi Everyone,

I have configured a REST API in the DATA Tab to show retreive from Firestore. The main page (Commands List Page) has a list of cards using the data from Firestore. I do have a detailed page (Command Details) to show more details when the user taps on a card.

When does data get retrieved from Firestore? When the “Commands List Page” loads? Does it retrieve data every time I navigate back from the detailed page to the “Commands List Page”?

I want the data to be retrieved only once from Firestore. There may be changes to the data on a monthly basis. I hope I am making sense.

Any suggestions , tips or recommendations are appreciated. Thanks and have a good weekend.

Look in the Data Variable logic for that Page and you will see that it runs on the Page Mount event. By default it runs in a loop every 5 seconds, so you will want to cut that loop so it only runs once.

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That worked. Thanks a lot.