When installing app in android device, Unknown developer warning pops up. Help

I’m new to app development and luckily I found this amazing platform appgyver which is amazing.

so, my problem is when i install app, pop up message form google play service show up stating that the app have unknown developer and ask to cancel the install process or install anyway. how to get rid of that warning please help, I’ve generated keystore as well but no luck.
thank you

Hi Yash,

how do you install it? By directly deploying the apk file?
Then I think the warning is normal as you install from an unknown source.
If you want to distribute your app, you need to do it through the Google Play store.


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Yes, I directly installed the apk file.
I’ve tried publishing the app in amazon app store instead of google app store but they rejected it because of some guidelines issue.
can you suggest me other platforms where I can publish app without getting that warning.
thanks a lot for replying so fast