When previewing, my app keeps being loaded

I was just following the tutorial about how to make a Todo app – Then suddenly, I can’t load my app on either the AppGyver Preview app or Web preview.

It just keeps loading.

Before starting building the todo app, I just added another page for AppGyver authentication but I deleted it. That may be the cause, I don’t know. Now I test loading again after removing the authentication in the AUTH menu, but still experiencing the same problem.

Even on my mobile, it just keeps loading.

Any clues?

This likely means that you have used Show spinner (which in web is the “Loading…” text) somewhere without using Hide spinner flow function (or it can also be the initial “spinner”). Just adding the Hide spinner to end of your page mounted logic will likely make everything work.

Wow you’ve saved my ass – I really appreciate it!

It seems I somehow have removed the “Page mounted” event and its subsequent “Hide spinner”. Now I get them back and everything works fine!

Thank you again!