When will the Production-Ready Database be ready?

Hi, many are interested in AppGyver’s no-code features but feel hesitant with the lack of production-ready database support. To ease concerns, when may this be ready and what is advised to start with for now?

Thank you!

That will still be sometime in the future, so I’d work with something like busywork.co, airtable.com or restdb.io for the time being via the REST API integration. We realize this puts a bit of a burden to learn how to configure the integrations correctly, especially if you’re not familiar with REST APIs – we hope to at least get some example configurations and more tutorials going soon. The community has done some tutorials too:

I have been successful with integrating AppGyver to a self-hosted CentOS7 server running PostgreSQL and DreamFactory. If you aren’t familiar, DreamFactory generates and exposes a REST API to your database with no backend coding necessary. Just create your tables, and DreamFactory provides the API.


It does not look like DreamFactory have a free version. $500 is steep. The community edition is also only for 2 week trial only?