Where and how creating parameter data?

Hi all, I’m new to AppGyver and new to this great forum; please help me understand how I can create a list of 300-400 object parameters (10 columns for 400 rows) on a data variable (or other type of variable) so that it is always available to the app without having to reload it from the Cloud Store or other database every time I need only one of the parameters ? think of about 300 static questions/answers (now on an excel file) that need to be randomly shown to the user; I cannot think of inserting them manually; I need a method and a place to put records in a list. Any help or disruptive suggestion will be welcome. Kind regards, Marco

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Hmm you’ll need a database to store this data and bring them to Composer via a REST API. Then, you can fetch all the records to a data variable and filter it however you need for your app. Here’s a couple of resources on working with REST APIs and Composer, and there’s a lot of forum threads about working with external backends and Composer.

Primer: Integrations and REST APIs
Core Lesson: Data and Integration
Listing data with REST API

Thank, Cecilia, I finally decided to use a database for storing seed data, as you suggest here; I’m only wondering how to create a mobile app that can work in absence of internet connection with several data.

There’s lots of forum threads about offline storage, here’s one that explains it well and hopefully is helpful for you too :slight_smile:

I think that thread is a good start, but consider that my aim is to store a significant amount of data locally (300-400 rows from a 8 columns table) as seed data to be used at the start up of the app. So that I can start the app offline with all data already in.

Then I think the only option here is to use the Replace client side storage approach in the app launch like in the thread above, but manually set in all the rows… If you can get your data in json form, then that could be copied into the formula editor as the content in the Replace client side storage node.