Where is the Advanced tab for iOS build configuration?

Where do I upload the GoogleService-info.plist file I need for Firebase push notifications? I dont see the Advanced tab like I do in the Android build configurator.

Oh dear please tell me we can use Firebase for Apple push notifications. :kissing::flushed:

So Im getting this error:

error: Build input file cannot be found: ‘/Users/administrator/app-builder/STAGING/client/platformBuilds/app_260590_ios/RNVApp/GoogleService-Info.plist’

It can’t find the GoogleService-Info.plist because there is no provision to upload it in the Build configuration

Hi, this seems like a potential bug so we’ll investigate the issue.

Yes thank you its stopping me from building on ios

Same issue here, no advanced tab for iOS builds showing.

Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the device token flow, to no avail.

So as this stands it is impossible to do push notifications with Apple until this gets fixed. Ill have to make 2 separate builds gor ios and android for notification support. :rage:

Working on solving this now, sorry for the hassle!

Thank you so much Harri


Is this working for you…? I can’t see the advanced tab for ios but I can see it for Android. Please let me know. Thanks in advance

No for whstever reason Appgyver doesnt support Push Notifications on ios through Firebase

Hello, John!

Can you share your workflow how to set it up to work Push notifications on iOS?