Where is the work I've done for the past 3 days❓


A save on monday 10PM CET has just wiped 3 days of saved work.
Please recover my work, the below history is not right:


Did your browser or your PC restarted for some reason?

Mine closed and i couldn’t save any changes but when i reopened it, the composer ask me if i wanted to resume changes.

Good luck man

No restart or relaunch.

Just a last save, as I do every 15-20 minutes, that kind of create a “flash” and then a new screen showing work from 3 days ago.

The AG team just doesn’t know how to run upgrades, that’s pathetic.

Anyone @ appgyver willing to look at recovering the work saved since july 1st?
App# 577842

Damn, frankly i don’t know how to help you, sorry :weary:

Hope it reappears!
Good luck! :pray: :pray: :pray:

Oh boy here we go. That happened to me one. This really weird thing happened where some.hidden section of Appgyver opened, an arm came out and shot like a laser at my flow functions. It was really weird.