Which are the paying competitors of AppGyver

To be honest, I’m a bit worried about using a completely free service as unwanted changes are more likely to occur than with paid services.

On the other hand, I couldn’t find another platform that would provide such an overall solution as AppGyver. Initially, Bubble seemed alright in complexity but that can’t handle mobile apps properly. Appy Pie can but that’s kinda restricted in appearance and complexity.
I found only AppSheets to be a viable option but there you need to pay per seat which makes it kinda hard to monetize the app.

What do you say? What would you choose after AppGyver if you wanted to create apps to sell or for subscribers?

You can see some of our paying customers when we were not yet part of SAP at https://appgyver.com/

If you use our community version from platform.appgyver.com, there are no additional charges that can be made – it’s just free.

The only minus is that you have to have your own backend, as we don’t provide those for free. You could use for example Firestore, Xano or Backendless, they have some limits or charges afaik. For enterprise-grade solutions, we naturally recommend SAP’s backends :slight_smile:

We don’t currently have a feature for in-app-purchases or ads, but if you have a lite/free version and a paid version in AppStore / Google Play, you can monetize via that. We do have plans for adding features that enable monetization via in-app-purchases and ads, but those aren’t worked on at the moment.

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Hi Mevi,

Thanks for your answer.
If I understand you correctly and I’m not misinformed, the app can also be sold in the AppleStore and Google Play for a monthly subscription fee, right?

I also wonder if credit card payments within the app is a viable option to accept payments.

Yes, you are free to use and distribute the application!

if credit card payments within the app is a viable option

That is not supported at the moment!

Sketchware but you have to know how to code on an Android phone and in order to get in app purchase you have to know how to convert libraries from Gradle to jar and import. Apart from that, it is free, and there is a big enthusiastic learning community. But with a little skill you can build a much better app with pure java kotlin which will perform a lot better with no need for JavaScript bridge

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