Which BaaS for a users/service providers marketplace?

Hello everyone,

Given that I’m new to this all and feel comfortable playing with the rest api feature within the Composer, would you recommend Firebase, Google Sheets + NocodeAPI or Xano for the backend of a two-way marketplace (profile pics and 15sec profile videos to be uploaded)?

PS: the Xano guys gave me a great demo, but is it the easiest/fastest DB setup possible?

Thank you.

Hey there

There’s quite a few things to consider with a backend, such as how comfortable you’re with the programming language/environment and what features you need.
While I can’t say for sure which backend in your case would be the easiest, I’ll point out Firebase is targeted at developers, where as NocodeAPI and Xano are more no-code “style”.

You’ve maybe already seen this article collecting a bunch of different resources on integrating Composer with various platforms. I’d look up the how each of them start out and see what I feel most comfortable with.

The last section collects links for tutorials including Firebase, Airtable, MongoDB and Xano to mention some.

Thanks for kindly replying.
FYI, since Firebase/Firestore and Mongo DB are too geeky for me, Airtable too limited (and not secure enough as per reports on IndieHackers forum) and Xano and Backendless being too expensive for starters, I am leaning towards Busywork, which has a friendly tiered plan and is no-code.
But this is a one-person Baas company with limited / slow support. He is doing his best and actually carrying out an upgrade.
Has anyone had any experience with Busywork?