Which backend should i use?

Hi, I’m looking for a database that I can use for my app. I started experimenting with Firestore but the implementation is tricky and I didn’t find proper videos explaining how to push data from the app into firebase…
Is there anything else which is easier and well documented with videos? I’m looking for something that explains how I need to setup the variables in appgyver and set up the rest api calls.

I would also need to push images / videos to the database.

Hey mate,

I am quite new to AppGyver. That being said, I have tried a couple of backends.
Initially, I wanted to use Google Sheet. I managed to display GS data into AppGyver, but could not create or update data without a third party software like Sheety. Which I did not want.
So I looked into Backendless, which I think could be a good call. But, again, given what I am going to do with my app, I did not want to spend any money on it m, especially at the beginning. And, although, Backendless can be free, you still have to go through their learning scheme, which is more than fair but long winded for me.
So I ended up using Firebase. And honestly, so far, I have found it quite well documented with AppGyver.
However, it is a massive learning curve for me. I find AppGyver less intuitive than other platform and I struggle to understand the “denormalization” of Firebase.
But I like learning I guess!

Hope this helped.



Firestore is so simple i think they purposefully convoluted the instructions. But I also believe in aliens… Happy to setup a call and go over some of it with and give u an breakdown of some of those harder concepts you may be having trouble with. I personally use my SQL for most of what I do with appgyver builds right now. But definitely think firestore is the way to go

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I use mssql for my back end. With nodeJS endpoints to get data. How are you connecting to mssql?

Hi Mendez, I’ve sent you a PM :slight_smile: