Which coding languages is composer pro similar to?

I can’t find any tutorials on how to build certain types of apps such as social medias, video sharing apps such as YouTube & more with composer pro, so I’m hoping composer pro is like a visual version of the top coding languages, so I can use coding tutorials as a guide on how to build different types of apps. I want to build a app like YouTube with powerful algorithms & my own ad network like Google, YouTube & Facebook has with appgyver.

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Great stuff.
I saw you on Bubble. I am now using AppGyver to rebuild my Bubble app simply because of hosting cost and speed. Although the Appygyver builder is not so user-friendly as Bubble, this will be the way to go for me.

Have you found great tutorials for Appgyver? I have seen one on Udemy https://www.udemy.com/course/firebase-meets-appgyver/

I’ve been searching for good composer pro tutorials all year, but can’t find any. I’m so frustrated, I’m preparing to learn to code. It seems far easier to build social media & marketplace type apps in bubble.io, but the expensive storage & hosting, not being able to build a complex ad network with complex algorithms or mobile apps is a dealer breaker for me. I’m in a rush, so I’m starting coding courses today. I’m really trying to figure out why the programming community doesn’t support a no code tool with unlimited logic that also allows us to self-host & that is free. I’m guessing because it’s not beginner-friendly, doesn’t have examples or a database.

You can watch this video series by Steve stava to help. The backend is different and he made that before the new themes update, but it should still be helpful


We need tutorials on how to build social medias, marketplaces & other popular apps.

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Learning to code is great but it will delay your project month or even years from launch.

I plan on building an enterprise tech company I can scale very high, so I’m more concerned on building enterprise grade apps than how long it takes. We need skilled programmers to step up & make in depth tutorials teaching us how to build social medias, marketplaces, stores & many other types of apps with composer pro, or else beginners like myself could remain stuck.

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Hopefully 3rd party databases like xeno & backendless will make it easier to use appgyver.

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Yes most definitely.

I’m checking out XANO now. It seems like creating my full database in XANO while using appgyver for complex functions & to deploy should be easier.

Good stuff.
I will go have a look at Xeno.

I’m just hoping I’ll be able to build my full database in a backend like Xano, backendless, firebase or airtable without creating variables in appgyver.