Which systemVars are valid / available with the web apps? How to detect orientation with a web app?

Which systemVars are valid / available with the web apps?

The one I would really need is the orientation hint.
Seemingly, the native AG components do resize based on the orientation of a device; still it is being reported as undefined by the systemVars for a web app. Also the formFactor is reported as being desktop regardless of the type of a device.

Re the orientation. The viewport width can be used to determine the orientation. It is updated on-the-fly for a given web app page whenever a tablet or mobile device is toggled from a portrait to landscape view and vice versa. So it seems the fact the orientation is set to undefined is allegedly a bug.

PS. You can try it yourself with this HTML snippet on any pageā€¦

"<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>systemVars</title></head><body><div><p>Device dimensions: " + ENCODE_JSON(systemVars.dimensions, 2) + "</p><p>Browser: " + ENCODE_JSON(systemVars.browser, 2)+ "</p><p>os: " + systemVars.os + "</p><p>buildVersion: " + systemVars.buildVersion + "</p><p>formFactor: " + systemVars.formFactor + "</p><p>orientation: " + systemVars.orientation + " geolocation: " + ENCODE_JSON(sensorVars.geolocation, 2)+ "</p><p>runtime: " + systemVars.runtime + "</p><p>runtimeVersion: " + systemVars.runtimeVersion + "</p><p>buildType: " + systemVars.buildType + "</p><p>initialUrl: " + systemVars.initialUrl+ "</p></div></body></html>"