While restarting / refreshing the app, those "app variables" are cleared automatically

After getting the user login RestAPI responses, I’m trying to save the result in the app variables “user_object”, when I’m going to restart the app and open the page those variables are cleared automatically. How can i save my data like local storage or cookies. when i’m going to open the app again, I need to persist the data.

Thanks in advance.

Did you try to use On-Device Storage?
You can save login info there and get it back when you start the app.


@Paulo_Pascoal, Thanks for the response.
Yes I tried with On-Device Storage, It’s working fine now.

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Please help. I saved the data from the API to on-device storage. (replace client-side record collection) How to get this data back and store it in a data/app variable? How do I get an item key? (get_item_from_storage)
Thanks for the help.


you can create one data variable based on any data connection, important step remove it’s flow functions, then you can use the flow get record collection and select you on device storage connection
and apply the result to this data variable and use it