White Screen Mobile App Preview

The mobile app for appgyver won’t preview the pages. First, it was stuck on a spinner loop. As a possible solution, we hid the spinner on the Logic tab on every pages. However, the spinner shows for awhile before it shows a blank screen. How do we fix this?

When I’m getting a white screen I can normal find the cause by finding any non connected outputs in my logic. I typically add a bunch of alerts to all those non connected outputs and that helps me to identify where the logic is ending up…

We deleted unconnected outputs but it still won’t work. However, we tried enabling the navigation header bar and menu. Independently, the page won’t load for header bar but for the menu, the page actually loads. We don’t know what the problem is, and we prefer not to have the navigation menu enabled and we found out that the home was set to a blank page. Thank you for the response!