White space at the top and bottom of my page

Hi! I am creating an app and when I look on the appgyver app on my phone there’s this white space at the top and bottom, but it’s not on the appgyver website where I’m making the app. The weird thing is, that wasn’t the case before. I worked on it two days ago, looked on the iOS app and it was fine. Looked at it several times, in fact. The next day, woke up, and there were these two white spaces at the top and bottom.

Does anyone know why this may be the case?

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Is that not your phones normal navigation and information band so you can see the date/time etc and also navigate back and forth etc?

I’ve also have noticed the same. This has been introduced with the new AppGyver Preview release, it wasn’t there in the previous version. I don’t know if it was actually intended or not, but it does make the app look ugly in the Preview, so I’m hoping it doesn’t look like that in the build version.

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I have the latest version of appgyver preview on android (was updated today) and there are no white bands in my preview.

Hey @teknician, the bands do not appear on Android, only on iOS.

There must be an update issue with IOS as I had to create a topic myself because audio stream doesn’t play in the IOS appgyver preview either but works fine in everything else. My guess is that it’s an Apple issue. No doubt we’ll find out sooner or later.

I have the white space at the bottom and top in the build version iOS, did you manage to find a fix for this by any chance?

Hey @Hezzron_Austin, can you confirm you’re using an iOS build of your app or are you using the AppGyver preview app?

Hi! So I actually just kept the header and navigation bar that automatically come with the app. And that’s actually what got rid of the white space. Because it happened when I tried to make my own navigation. But when I put the navigation and header back it was fine. I also found that the header wouldn’t show without the navigation being turned on as well. So basically, I can’t use my own navigation bar or header. I have to use the ones that automatically comes with appgyver.

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Hey @Juan_Giraldo It happens on both, at first I wasn’t concerned as I thought was just for the appgyver preview app but then the white bars stayed in the build as well. Unfortunately I just had to return to using the default navigation system and that sorted it

Thanks for the reply! Yeah same here, really tried to avoid it the default navigation system but it doesn’t seem possible

Yeah! Hopefully they fix that somehow. I’m sorry :frowning:

That’s very annoying, I hope they fix it they way it was. I also had to use custom navigation in order to include the elements I needed in my header as well as using custom icons, both of which aren’t possible with the default navigation.

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Hello guys, I had the same issue. here is what you need to do.

Click on the page to open its properties, style and layout
Click on STYLE
Click “Disable safe area” and save

Then you will have a full screen for your custom navigation.

The safe area is to prevent issues with the layout of the apps you build and that is why its under advanced.