Who made the jump over from other no code platforms?

Anyone came over from other no code platforms and may I know why?
E.g. Bubble, Adalo, Glide, appsheet etc etc.


Reasons why I use AppGyver for private and professional purposes:

  • Free for individual developers and startups → perfect to develop stuff for non-profit purposes or small support tools in startup
  • While there are missing features + bugs here and there (I guess like with all no code platforms), the concept how to build apps is very convenient and powerful
  • The web build is perfect as it delivers you static set of pages which you can deploy in your own environment and connect with your own data (perfect for handling sensitive personal data)
  • Great community support also from AppGyver team

Thanks for the reply. The community seems to be much smaller than others…

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I had come to AppGyver for their very sophisticated Composer Pro and free plan.
But I left because it is very hard to learn - which is not what “no code” is about. I did not like their tutorials, which I find unapproachable, unpleasant to follow and hard to understand because the narrator does not use natural language but rather reads a script made of a series of long, complicated sentences. Just awful!
The decent tutorials on Youtube are from Harri, No Code Hero, Steve Stava and that “unicorn” girl whom I forgot the name (sorry!).
And AppGyver is only for native mobile apps, which I don’t think it the future of mobile. Think PWA…

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@Fred_Kuzyk I thought Appgyver has responsive PWA support? Not all no code platform have this…

And I thought the Appgyver testing app was so convenient.

Yes the tutorials can be improved. But I cannot complain as it is a free product. There are no comparisons at the moment. Bubble is not so free anymore.

I spent almost 2 weeks looking at the various options and our short-list was

  • Glide
  • Bubble
  • AppSheet
  • AppGyver

After 2-3 hours with Bubble, I gave up. AppSheet was next, and it was OK, but I found it a little simple. I moved on to Glide and in under 8 hours made our team companion app from scratch. The app works and does mostly what we need. It was distributed to our team and everyone found it easy to use and has been doing so for over a week now.

I decided to look at AppGyver and spend 25-30 hours trying to make a simple details display screen. While AppGyver does has a lot of features it is by no means NO CODE. The community seems extremely small compared to just about everyone else. Technical support is not responsive and when I encounter issues (there have been many) I feel like I have no option but to try and resolve it myself and endure the extreme frustration that comes with it.

I’d recommend Glide above all else for its simplicity and ease of use.