Why APK have a big size?

My apk has 50mb, and don’t have any content or media.

This is normal ?

Hi! Yeah, our APK sizes are pretty big. We try to optimize to get them smaller, and there will be changes to this (but I’m not sure into which direction…) when we have to move to providing AABs instead of APKs later this year.

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hmmm I was have that same question right now… my app is only one page with some links and image logo and is 63 MB… this feels not good at all… what kind of data are in to have that size??

Same problem here. My app size is 70 mb. Similar apps on playstore are 20mb in size.
please solve this issue.

Hi all, any news about it?

my application weighs 110 mb, which is too much and moreover, only the first project opened and only the title and description …

We’re looking into the latest increase in size here :thinking:

Hi Mevi,

Is there a way to reduce apk file size with another software, since it can not be done in appgyver. Do you have any other solutions to this problem?

Look forward to a speedy reply.



Turns out we switched over to building fat binaries. If you build an .aab file and upload it Google Play, the actual download and install size will be smaller than the size you see when you download from Build Service. We will also provide in the future an option to build a smaller-sized apk for those who do not want to distribute their app through Google Play or similar.

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Hello Team AppGyver!
Its been a blessing since I knew about your platform and thank you very much for helping me build my first android app!!!
I have finished my app already though when I downloaded the apk its 195mb. Please help me out about the size, my app Id is 467872…