Why are new pages created at beginning of the app?

I am not sure why, but new pages are now being placed at the beginning of the app instead of the end. Is there a way to control this?

Can you add a screen shot to show what you mean please? My pages are all arrange alphabetically.

Is this an issue when switching from one page to other inside the Composer? Or is it in the “Navigation” bar?

If simply inside the Composer choose page part, that does not affect the final build by any means since pages are referenced as page.Page1.html in a webapp for example.

If it is a problem when you want to build a navigation, then you can simply drag’n’drop align the navigation list items. Same as you do components on the “structure tree”.

Thanks. I am learning as I go and am just getting into the navigation component. I was trying to get the composer pages to visually represent tje flow I wanted in the app.

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Name them accordingly then, 1. Start, 2. info etc. When you need to insert a page between two, it becomes 1.1 etc, then then next level is 1.1.x