Why are people choosing Firebase for their data?

just wondering?
is it because its free?

With all the non-programmers here, I find it hard to believe that they are going to be able to grasp the concepts of properly designing/optimizing their structures for queries, Lookup table, Multi-path updates, denormalization.

Are those of you who are ‘serious’ in your selection of Firebase doing it because you already had production data there that needs to be published to the Web?
… or just because you didn’t want to pay for Xano?


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I’m just starting with AppGyver and it’s really not clear whether I will develop any commercial apps or not. The free version of Xano has some pretty significant restrictions so I choose Firebase because it’s free and robust. I would have preferred a more traditional SQL database backend, but I can’t justify the cost. So I guess you are right - it’s because Firebase is free :-((

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Cost is a factor for the initial playing around phase but for me mostly its because its supported and mentioned a lot here, meaning there are people on the forum able to assist.

I´m using Firefoo to make inputting and extracting data from Firebase easier.