Why aren't my preview values saving? Or showing on the mobile preview app?

I’m struggling to find documentation on preview values - whether it be for images or text. I think I’m setting them correctly and saving them, but if I switch pages they’ll clear, and if I try to load the app in the preview app they also do not show.

I figure there are three possibilities - either I’m not configuring/saving them correctly, or I’m misunderstanding what the intended behavior should be, or this is a bug (and that seems unlikely) - so I’m asking here: does anyone have any guides or docs on preview values and how they should behave?

Add some screen shots in showing the settings you are applying and what you are looking at in the preview. That will make it easier for someone to assist you.

Hi @Nathan_Bowman,

What you’re probably looking for are some initial values for your variables:

Preview / example value = A value that’s shown on the project canvas when you’re editing it. No effect on the actual app.

Initial value = A value that a variable gets initialized with when you run the app.