Why Bubble is very popular and Appgyver is not?


I believe that Appgyver is much interesting than any other plateforme of no code for this reason i dont understand why a plateforme like bubble is very popular and have a huge community and many agencies and too many ready made templates but in other hand Appgyver don’t have :upside_down_face:

Just asking and hope someone can answer.

Thank you

Hi, @Moad_boutahor first of all, welcome to the community :tada:.

I think the answer to your question has to do with maturity, Composer Pro by AppGyver is in an earlier stage compared to Bubble, so because Bubble could be said to be more mature, it has a bigger community.

Composer Pro is getting fast traction and I presume will catch up soon to the likes of Bubble, especially when considering that Composer Pro aims to target web and mobile clients, whereas Bubble targets the web.

Also, there are a lot of things that are still in the works for Composer Pro e.g. a production-ready database isn’t available (the AppGyver DB is development-only) compared to the robust, out of the box DB that Bubble has (more AppGyver features that are being worked on can be seen here), thus some users may consider Composer Pro not to be “complete” enough for them and may rather opt for production-ready solutions like Bubble. Don’t get me wrong, some apps can still be made with Composer Pro even at this stage.

But once Composer Pro gets more and more “complete” or “mature” you can imagine that more will flock to it.

So you can play around with it to see if it will work for your app, if it’s not a good fit now, it should be in the near future :wink:


Bubble is only for webapp development, and does not yet support native app development. Bubble also has a limited backend. If you are looking to build webapps, I would recommend backendless as your backend, and perhaps webflow or bubble as front-end. If you are building native mobile app, then it is best to use appgyver for the front-end and backendless or xano for the backend. Backendless is the most advanced no code backend platform. Backendless also has a UI builder, but it’s not drag and drop.


Hello all, first time posting here and completely new to Appgyver. Little confused here as I thought Appgyver has been around for 10 years. Is this composer pro an additional product over other Appgyver products?

I’m looking for a no-code solution to develop an app that can work on IOS or Android. I understand there is a difference between PWA and native so not sure if that’s the difference here?

I am familiar with Bubble but didn’t like it compared to some of the other no-code solutions out there that use Google sheets as a database but all of them have seemed to have outages right when a maker launched their app to the market so looking something more stable.

Is this Appgyer’s specialty?

Thanks in advance!

i doubt you’re active here any longer, but i’d like you to specify what the backend issue are with Bubble. They now have a SQL connector.

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