Why can't I display this information?

I’m working on the user page for my app. When the user signs in they get logged on the data variable PersistedUser with an id of 5. I know this works because I’m able to keep them signed in with it. I’m curious as to how to display the user’s information on their screen though. On the profile page logic I “get record” PersistedUser with an id of 5; that’s attached to a page variable which assigns the gotten record to the page variable “name”. I display name on the screen. When I preview this, nothing appears. Why is that?

Hi, does the scheme of your “name” page variable match the PersistedUser record? One thing that comes to mind is that you might be trying to assign an object to a text.

One good way to check what is happening in the variables is via the State tab in the debugger. There you can see in real time what values each variable has.