Why can't I get the record id this way

Why doesn’t this work? How can I get it to work? Any ideas?

The problem are there bellow.

thelist variable

i expect the properties of that variable like this:
List of object with 2 properties
thelist = [{
label: “”,
value: “”

base on your formula.
i am right?

if you use thelist variable to dropdown. i suggest direct map it to dropdown. don’t need variable.

data.dataList (collection of data records) is a data variable for resource theList which has 4 properties.

In the picture you showed at the stage of finding the ID you create an object with two properties. Read below…

If you need the id of the pageAddress from the descending list of the listAddress, I seem to have come up with a solution. This is a theoretical formula, and have not been tested…

STRING(FIRST_ITEM(SELECT_BY_KEY(data.dataList, item.listAddress, pageVars.pageAddress)).id)

If you could elaborate more on the data structure and intended usage that could help to solve your issue.

As side notes: Your original solution does not work because with the MAP function you create an object with two properties. “Identifier” accepts only text values that is why I suggest using the STRING() formula.
You seem to have a collection of data with several different properties which is fine and all. Among those properties you have the “listAddress” property or key. You want to get the data record from the collection which has the same value in the listAddress property as the pageAddress “page variable”.
I miss the point of the ORDER() function that you used, but surely there might be a use case for that as well.

I hope the formula above helps, but let me know of the progress.

Best luck

Thanks for the idea! But I’m still not getting the recID, see below…


I tried tried to get the index from the repeated list but that doesn’t work either.
The alert setting…

“repeated index=”+data.dataList[repeatedInfo.current.index].id+"…id="+STRING(FIRST_ITEM(SELECT_BY_KEY(data.dataList, “listAddress”, pageVars.pageAddress)).id)+"…"