Why did you get rid of the only runtime version that worked to build a web app with the icons?

The only runtime version avaliable now, for some reason, canot figure out how to build a web app that actually shows the icons!!!. Please, please, please. Please fix appgyver. Please stop breaking appgyver.

Please please please stop your annoying DAILY rants here when it’s about a BUG.
There’s a site for it => https://tracker.appgyver.com/
You are not alone here with your problems, your continuous serial postings make the forum look like it’s all about you and your complaints and it makes it hard to read the feed.
ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO :point_down: :point_down:?!?!??!?! I’m going to start flagging your postings - starting with this one - when I feel they are inappropriate/irrelevant/uninteresting.


You are being very unprofessional. This is a community forum and I am allowed to ask questions.

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