Why do I get null here?


I have a variable that is a number (it is an app variable). I used MULTIPLY to multiply my value with the other one I chose. Here is a screenshot:

Screenshot 2022-06-16 152133

The problem is that I receive null (I added an Alert component to show the result of the multiply). This MULTIPLY function is in a formula, in an IF statement on the TRUE part.

Please show the full condition. I think there might be issue with the rest of the condition as this formula looks fine.
Or maybe at the number value configuration screen.

Is the number set by an input field?
If yes then do this formula:
MULTIPLY(NUMBER(appVars.NumberValue), 1)

Because the input has a value type of “text/number” so the Mulitply might interpret it as a text and fails due to this.


Works just fine with NUMBER in front of the variable! Thank you so much for all the help, you are amazing!

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Thank You :smiley: i have same problem :smiley: