Why do images load so slowly?

Why do images load so slowly even when the text has already been loaded (in large image list). Is it possible to get the image to show at the same time as the text, like with other apps?

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The speed at which things load depends on the size of the content and the speed of the server from which they are being loaded. You’ll have to do optimizations on those two things to make loading faster. Text will always be smaller than images. So, if you’re loading the data from two diverse sources, yes the text will always show up first.

What you can do is to make sure nothing shows until ALL the data for the page is loaded. There are many ways you can do this, but the method you choose all depends on how fast your data is loading.

The simplest way is to ‘show spinner on page load’ located under the ‘Advanced’ options for the page. You can then ensure the spinner hides only after the Data variables have been loaded. This can be done by placing the 'Hide spinner" flow function at the end of the data variable that loads last.

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Thank you, The image data and text comes from the same api call, that loads quickly. It’s just that the image has a delay on the front end. Is this a problem with appgyver, or have I done something wrong? I included a video

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Hmmm. Thanks for the video. It’s hard to say. This isn’t something I noticed at all while testing your app. So the question is were any changes made between now and the latest version on the play store that may effect this?

API calls don’t load data individually. How are your images stored in The backend? Are they being called by the API from an external source?

That looks to me like you have a slow connection to your server. Do you see a difference between using your phone’s cell signal and a wifii connection?

I don’t believe any changes were made at could’ve affected this, I always noticed this problem, sometimes it’s less noticeable and sometimes it’s more noticeable

It’s the same on wifi and cellular