Why does Appgyver want all our apps to be branded with their page title and favicon?

Has anyone figured out how to change the favicon and page title on the new runtime?

In case you refer to the web and if it is to put it in a personalized hosting, you can change it from here the Favicon and the title: Web Builds

That doesnt tell us where in the code the favicon and title is defined. It is no longer where it used to be in the older runtimes.

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And if you follow this thread, you can more easily ask there. Best regards: Favicon not working + how to change page title?

That was the old way of fixing it. It no longer works so I asked here.


It is a bug, not what AppGyver wants.
It was not like that before Friday I think.
Please make your post as a bug report.

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I find it hard to believe it’s a bug when they broke even the workaround and are now loading the page title from some proxy we can’t even edit in the source code.

You’re right, I just call it a bug as an easy, quick way to describe an ‘oops’ moment from their devs when they made some changes. Defo a mistake they should fix.

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I can change the “AppGyver” title to my own and and the favicon just like i always did before. I still navigate to: …_next\static\chunks\pages\_app-######## and edit it and search for the “AppGyver” string and replace it with my app name.

I’m using Firebase hosting, if that matters - which i don’t think it should…


And this is on the most recent runtime?

Yes I just built and downloaded it today. It only allows me to choose 4.5.7

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My Web App
You can see clearly the browser app title and favicon are unique.

I have done all of this as well and the title Appgyver keeps coming back after page completely reloads. They are deferring the local title and using a hosted middleware to inject their own title into the page.