Why does the mobile app have an empty page button at the bottom of every page?

Just tried running my app on a phone and there is a button at the bottom of every page that says “Empty Page” and takes me back to the main page which has it’s name set to “Lessons”.
How do I change it to say “Lessons”?

  1. Go to navigation tab in Composer (on top)
  2. Select the page from list
  3. Change Tab name to whatever you want from properties bar on right
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Thanks. So simple when you know how.

Sorry, for me this answer did not resolved. I have all Tab names filled with the name’s page and the “Empty page” signal still there… ::frowning:

Have you closed and reopened your own app on AppGyver app after filling the names to Composer navigation tab? I think that’s needed, because navigation configuration is technically loaded bit differently to AppGyver app compared to other app content.

Yes, I’ve done several times. My simple app is ready (4 pages) , need only to fix this.

Is this where you have set the value?

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Wow, Frank ! Thank you ! I think the Belgium weather make me dummie this week :slight_smile:

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