Why does the Progress Bar component not correctly reflect percentages?

I am using the installed Progress Bar component. I have an input field A which is bound to a page variable. I have a formula which creates a percentage based on that input page variable. I then have two components: one shows that percentage as a number, the other is the progress bar. When the percentage output is 80, the progress bar should be 4/5 of the way full, right? It isn’t.

The formula I am using is:

IF(pageVars.QuantityInput<5, ((pageVars.QuantityInput/4.99)*100), IF(pageVars.QuantityInput<250, ((pageVars.QuantityInput/244.99)*100), IF(pageVars.QuantityInput<500, ((pageVars.QuantityInput/249.99)*100), IF(pageVars.QuantityInput<2000, ((pageVars.QuantityInput/1499.99)*100), 25.12345))))

I am using that as the value in the component properties for both the progress bar component and the text component next to it.

Can anyone please explain why this is happening? Thanks in advance!

See my issue here:

Hi! Looks like the progress bar does not deal with decimals. Use ROUND formula to round the percentage and you shouldn’t have a problem – I’ll see if I can find a fix for the component itself to be published in a later release.

@Mevi Thank you very much! This solved my issue perfectly : )