Why does this "DM" icon appear in Componser Pro?

I would like to know why almost all the time I have this “DM” icon in Componser Pro, since every time it appears, it slows down my work, and when it is removed, everything flows normally.

The thing is, this time, it took longer, and I had to stop working until someone will stop seeing the pages, because if we hit the “DM” icon it appears who is seeing the page at that very moment, when I have not given anyone my number of applications.

I thought Componser was more private, or that it had a more privacy option when building an app.

If this “DM” icon appears, it is because of the appgyver administrators, it would leave me calmer, because I would wait until they finish inspecting, and more fluid work would continue.

I would appreciate a response or someone who is more thorough.

That icon represents Your own account. It might be some caching issue. This happens when You close a Composer tab in Your browser without properly exiting the application.

Your account name is Diagonal Movil, “DM”.

I suggest closing the browser totally and relaunching it.

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Thank you very much. I did everything right, and even cleared the cookies, rebooted, and having a single window open it shows up every 2 hours, as if I had 2 windows open. When I’m on page 1, and the icon appears, with the cursor I point and it says that page 8 is open when in fact I’m on page 1 :thinking:. Thank you very much for your answer, let’s see what happens.

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