Why is my data resource sorted by alphabet?

i created a client-side storage data resource. And it’s data is used with a static text field component.
That’s all working, but the data that is listed, is sorted by alphabet or sth. else. It’s not sorted by creation date. But i need it to be sorted that the newest entry is shown above. (I’m using the Reverse() function for this, but this failure also occures without this formula.)
The static text field component is repeated with formula REVERSE(data.reason).
The Label is set to FORMAT_DATETIME_WITH_TIMEZONE(current.date, "DD.MM.YYYY, HH:mm", "Europe/Berlin") + " • " + current.points and the content is set to current.reason. I didn’t change more.


You’re using current.date in your label, is date a property in your client-side resource, and do you want to sort your list items according to that?

In that case, you can use the ORDER formula function in your repeat-with formula to order your list according to the date property. Here’s more information about using ORDER