Why is Push Notifications capability suddenly required?

App bundle: 435186 (BirdSoundFinland).
Provisioning file: mobprovision7

I asked Apple support if the Push Notifications feature is mandatory and they said NO IT ISN’T.
My app only provides links to audio files stored in Firebase and I don’t need any Push Notifications capability, so I left this feature out from my iOS app certificates.
During the last weeks I have made several attempts to get a successful build with the latest Runtime 4.6.22 version, but the build process always ends up in the following errors:

error: Provisioning profile “mobprovision7” doesn’t support the Push Notifications capability. (in target ‘RNVApp’ from project ‘RNVApp’)

error: Provisioning profile “mobprovision7” doesn’t include the aps-environment entitlement. (in target ‘RNVApp’ from project ‘RNVApp’) ** ARCHIVE FAILED ** Command failed with exit code 65: xcodebuild

…which indicates that the Push Notifications capability is suddenly still required by Appgyver.

Please advice me what to do.