Will AppGyver add SAP Fiori components at some point?


Since AppGyver joined the SAP family recently, I was wondering if there is a plan of adding Fiori UI components/themes. That would make the AppGyver an ideal rapid prototyping/development tool.

Looking forward to your answer


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Have same question please advice

This is my personal opinion - I don’t work for SAP but I have been in the SAP ecosystem for over 20 years.
Within SAP, AppGyver is available on the SAP Business Technology Platform. If that edition does not already have Fiori components then I think they would be available asap as Fiori is a very fundamental part of app design and deployment within SAP.
Will the Fiori elements become available on the online (non-SAP) edition of Composer Pro? I don’t know for sure but I doubt it. Fiori is very much a design methodology which I reckon SAP would regard as “in house” or proprietary.
There might be an effort to add open UI5 components to the online AppGyver edition, as those (as far as I know) are open source components. The Fiori components are based on open UI5 so this would be much more likely. The Fiori components are very similar to the open UI5 components and therefore, if this does happen the difference would be negligible.

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