Will AppGyver Cloud Integration be Tiered?

I’ve evaluated MANY no-code platforms. All the big names. And I must say, this new Composer Pro hits all the bases. I could list all the things I like, but it’s a long list. Unlike all the others, that make populating a list or table a real chore of jumping through hoops, now Apgyver simply allows you to bind any data variable to any screen object. Wow! And, the Logic Canvas is pure Genius!

Looking around at my choices for remote data access, the simplest and most elegant solution seems to be AppGyver’s built in Cloud Storage, along with the integrated authentication to manage user accounts. The fact that it’s available for “hobby use” only is not really a deterrent. Even if my app had just a dozen… or even a hundred beta users… it’s still NOT production. So at this point I don’t need promises of data integrity.

Here’s my quandary. I want to use AppGyver to develop my SAAS app, along with the the built in Cloud Storage, (even if it will be six months or even a year before the full Enterprise offering is made available.) I have no problem with that. But there is no way my glorified forum app, is going to generate anywhere near ten million dollars a year in revenue. In fact in the beginning, I will be offering this free, (as is so common with new applications these days.)

So here’s my question. When the fee based Enterprise Cloud service is made available, will the pricing structure be tiered to accommodate independent developers and small startups??

Thanks for the kind feedback! :slight_smile:

The plan is definitely to provide an indie-affordable cloud storage option at some point, plus migrating to e.g. Firebase if everything else is running fine is not a huge issue either. So I think you’ll be fine – just drop us a line when you need 100% data integrity and reliable performance and we’ll see what the suggested best practice is.

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