Will not update client-side storage


New here and going through the video tutorial and performed all the steps to learn this app. I was successful at the tutorials. So I attempted to create a simple app by using the client side storage instead of the cloud storage and the exact steps as the tutorial and it will not update the record. If I switch back to the cloud storage it works, so I know the it works but just not with the client-side storage. I need to use the client-side storage for this particular use.

Is there something different on updating a client-side vs the appgyver cloud storage?

on the output on port 2 on the create record i found these errors but not sure where to go from here.

Error – object with 3 properties

One of the following error codes:

  • requestFailed : Thrown if the entire request failed due to e.g. CORS issues or no network connectivity.
  • serverError : Thrown if the server returned an error response.
  • resourceNotFound : Thrown if the resouce you are trying to get was not found.
  • unknown : Thrown if an unknown error occurred while creating the record.

Thanks John

After playing with this for hours and deleting all data resources and everything, I still have the issue. I also created a new app and then tried just the basic with only on field “Name” and then tried and I still can not update the client-side data.

All errors point to the client-side resource. I can not use the cloud as the data entered is specific to just the app and device.

I love the appgyver app if I could just get it to work. I imagine no one else is experiencing this so I have to be doing something wrong. Why cant I use the client-side resource?


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Well it has been several days and not a single response, so I guess appgyver is not for me. If I cant get past the intro videos without an error then I definitely don’t want to post here with a more difficult question.

Would love to of been able to use appgyver. Really like the tools just wish I could of made it work!


Sorry for the delayed answer :disappointed:

If you want to pin out the issue of the update, you can set an alert after the second output of the Update Record flow function, and set its dialog title as the Output of another node - Create record - error.message. When the update fails, an alert should appear with a more specific error.

Can I see a screenshot of your Update record flow in the logic canvas and how you have defined the record properties?

When using the Client Side Storage u need to set the id in the Record properties. For example use the formula GENERATE_UUID()

I found the solution in this discussion: