With the 4.x runtime the global page does not load data into a collection variable

Hello. I have noticed with the 4.x runtime the global canvas page does not load data into a collection variable.
It happens in web (runtime 4.1.3) preview and in. iOS preview (4.0.3); That does not happen with the 3.x runtimes. Any ideas ? regards; Piotr

PS. On a side note the App launched event gets fired from the global canvas page

Hi @Piotr_Tesny, sounds like a bug, could you report it here and include your app ID in the message:

Hello Mari, OK I filed a bug. But that’s not the only regression with the 4.x runtime. It seems that the self.tapped.Item is no longer working either. Actually you can see it in the same App AppGyver ; click and then you will see a dialog with three undefined values. That all works with 3.x runtime. regards;Piotr

@Piotr_Tesny thanks, we’ll look into that as well.

Hello Mari, is there a way to configure a runtime version used for preview with Composer Pro. With the 4.x runtime regressions my only option is to trigger builds with 3.x runtime to test the App; but this is of course inconvenient and time consuming. In the end the idea is to have a choice between a legend and most up to data runtime for Composer Previews; regards;Piotr

Hi, there is an app called “SAP AppGyver Legend” that you can download, the runtime version is currently 3.4.6.

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I’m having the same issue. I’m unable to use self.tappedItem.id to pass data to another page in a parameter. What’s the solution?

I am also facing same issue. it is annoying as I started Appgyver today itself.

Hi @Mari, Thanks for the hint. I have been already using this approach but on an iPad Pro rather (as I am developing a web-app and not a mobile app per-se).
Still there are things that behave differently with iPad Legend Preview (3.4.6) and 3.x runtimes web-app builds.
Anyways it seems I am not the only one that is bothered by the regressions with 4.x runtime as other people have posted since in this thread.
A small question. Where I can find a detailed release note that would explain the changes between the 3.x and 4.x runtimes ? Many thanks; Piotr